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Reactivity & Behavioral Training

Due to the nature of reactive dogs, these training sessions are a higher risk of injury to our trainers. Please keep this in mind and disclose all information regarding any known reactive triggers or aggressive tendencies the dog may have. If the dog has a violent history toward people or has ever bitten anyone, please disclose this information so that our trainer can take appropriate precautions. A muzzle may be a requirement during these sessions


All reactivity or behavioral training sessions require a phone consultation before scheduling the service. Each training session will be 1 hour long. If reactivity issues involves aggression, the sessions will be single dog sessions. If the behavior or reactivity is fear with no aggression, multi-dogs are allowed, but progress will be slower due to less one on one time per dog.
Single Session
  • $75

2 Sessions -
  • $70

3+ sessions    pre-scheduled
  • $65

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